Supplementary Materials

This page includes material that can augment the textbook in teaching a course. Files may include presentations, summaries, and articles to elucidate topics discussed in the textbook.

  • Monotonicity and Boundness Analysis
    A Lecture Supplement on Monotonicity and Boundness Analysis (Chap 3)
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  • GRG Addendum
    An extended derivation of the GRG feasibility restoration step that is presented in the text in an abbreviated manner. (Chap 5)
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  • Powell’s 1978 SQP
    The seminal paper by Mike Powell that established SQP as a practical method. You can find there the settings for selecting the merit function weights etc. You will also get a glimpse of how numerical analysts think and how codes get developed. This is a hard paper to find–I had this early original copy but I am not sure if it was the final one as stated in the POD reference. (Chap 6)
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  • Selected Formulae Summary Sheet
    A summary sheet by J. Michalek with basic formulas for gradient-based methods with the textbook’s nomenclature. (Chaps. 4,5,6)
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  • List of Concepts
    A list of the key concepts developed in each chapter, on a chapter by chapter basis, which can be used during review sessions, prior to exams etc.
    List of Concepts [Click to Download]

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