Solutions Manual

Principles of Optimal Design: Modeling and Computation
Third Edition Solutions Manual
Version 1.0 (2017)
© Panos Y. Papalambros

A solutions manual for the third edition is available to instructors who use the textbook through the Cambridge University Press (CUP textbook’s website:

Instructors must register through the CUP site before given access to the solutions manual under “instructor resources”.

The solutions manual is intended as an aid to instructors that use the textbook. The manual provides solutions to select exercise problems. The solutions were composed by graduate students at the Optimal Design Laboratory of the University of Michigan based on material accumulated over several years of instruction. Jeongwoo Han compiled and corrected the manual for the 2d edition. The solutions to the third edition were developed and checked by Michael Alexander-Ramos, A. Emrah Bayrak, Alexander Burnap, Namwoo Kang, Max Yi Ren, and Yanxin Pan (who assembled the document and also verified many of the earlier solutions). I would like to express my gratitude and great appreciation to all these individuals for this rather thankless job — in the middle of their research studies.

In spite of our efforts, some errors may still persist and for those I am solely responsible. Also, many problems can be solved in more than one ways. Instructors or students that discover any needed corrections or omissions, or have comments to offer, should communicate them to me via email ([email protected]). Such input is very valuable and will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, instructors who accept access to this solutions manual explicitly agree to restrict the circulation of the solutions to their students for the needs of coursework. This will preserve the value of the manual for homework assignments and examinations.

Ann Arbor, May 2017

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