Project Archive

The project archive here is intended primarily to offer ideas for student projects following the suggestions in the textbook.

These project reports included here were submitted as part of the course requirements by students enrolled in the graduate course Design Optimization (ME 566 or ME 555) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan starting in 1980, and in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  (MAE 598/494) at the University of Arizona starting in 2015. They have been archived here as a resource for both instructors and students interested in design optimization. All projects include a modeling and solution part. There are no guarantees that either part is correct in every respect, but most of them are a labor of love by their authors. They are provided “as is.” The conduct of the project work has typically followed the guidelines offered in the textbook. The said conduct and choice of topics, which are the students’ own, may even offer a historical testament to the evolution of our design optimization thinking and practice.

There is a wealth of project topics. You may search the titles of the projects using the “find” functionality of your browser. (This is why all the projects are in a single, really long page.) There are several hundred projects consisting of more than 20,000 pages of material. Project titles in gray are not available at this time. We are adding reports on an on-going basis.

The digital compilation was performed initially by Matt Parkinson to whom I am indebted. I am also grateful to many ODE Lab members for continuing updates.

The majority of projects to date were conducted with me as the course instructor. Other instructors that have taught on the Design Optimization course at Michigan with great distinction include Michael Kokkolaras, Emrah Bayrak, Alex Burnap and Jesse Austin-Breneman; and ‘Max’ Yi Ren at Arizona. I am grateful for having their class project reports included in this archive.

The reports are available as open access under normal creative commons rules. These projects are the property of the University of Michigan or the University of Arizona, and of the authors. When you use the projects, please reference the course, the authors, and this website.

Please note that some reports and/or years marked with an asterisk (*) are not available at this time due to IP requirements. Access may be allowed at a later time.

Please do not send me any questions about these projects. They are provided “as is” for the benefit of new student projects.

Thank you.

Panos Y. Papalambros, Ann Arbor, September 2018

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* Reports text not available at this time
 (Instructor: Jesse Austin-Breneman)

Movable Cargo Floor System Mass Optimization; Gustavo Valencia, Oscar Tamariz, Isaac Ambriz

Door Trim Panel Retention Fastener Optimization; Juan Carlos Bahena, Jose Javier Mejia Pavon

Warehouse and Supply Optimization; Ding Hao, Yifei Ma, Ning Wang

Engine Cooling System Optimization; Carlos Ivan Tiro Gomez, Felipe de Castro Macedo, Gustavo Nieto Santillana

Home Optimization; Robert A Short, Shawn Murphy, James Kinsey


Design, Process and Conrol Optimization for Low Volume Component Fabricated via Direct Metal Laser Sintering; Nakul Pandya, Bhupendera Prashanth Ramakrishnan, Chenyu Yi

Profit Optimization for a Small Company; Lindsay Doherty, Adhithya Ravishankar, Donald Matthews

Customer Service Quality Optimization; Juan Munera, Felipe Salazar, Humberto Villalobos

Optimization of the Heat Staking Process for Plastic Components of a Door Trim; Yiyuan Liao, Shreyas Sansuddi

Optimization of a Soccer Team Using FIFA as Simulator; Aishwarya Shetty, Devanshu Singla, Dhruv Malde

GM Tech Center Ride Sharing Optimization; Joe Smeltzer, Travis Larson, Princess Len Carlos

Optimization of Passenger Vehicle Comfortability in Terms of Vibration Amplitude; Song Lyu, Junshi Xu, Chih-Chao Chang

Design Optimization of a 3D Printing Robot; Wei-Hung Ko, Yi-Chung Su, Ya-Yu Yang

Optimization of a Heat Exchanger; Kevin Lim, Mohammad Azimi, Tracy Pah Hui Li

Optimization of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner; Li-Cheng Hsu, Tung-Yan Wu, Yu-Tung Lin

Optimization of a Subway Car; Fan Chung, Tung-Yi Chiu, Ming-Jui Li

Optimization of the Additive Manufacturing Accuracy for Anatomy Simulators; Jih-Kai Yeh, Boyuan Li

Minimizing Residential Electricity Expenditures in Oahu-HI; Bhuvan Neema, Sydney Forrester, Song Zhao

Fuel Consumption Optimization for a Bus Transportation System; Minghan Zhu, Yue Tang, Hanqing Liu

Optimizing Heating Efficiency for a Single-room House; Eric Anderson, Vincent Barone, Neil Syal

Bike Modulation Optimization; Zahraa Bazzi, Bhargav Mistry, Anthony Nguyen

Household Heating System Optimization; Alexander Dau, Bruno Bennati, Nathan Helwig

Optimization of a Trebuchet Mechanism; Danial Isaac George, Michael Jocz

Excavator Arm Cycle Time Optimization; Josh Campbell, Ken Hermann, Jeremy McMillan

Water Tank Optimization; Diego Ruiz, Daniel Loreto, Efren Dotor

Solar Energy Heating System; Eishaan Gakhar, Kshitij Jain, Tianyuan Zhu

Optimization of a UMich Graduate Student’s Health; Laura Giner Munoz, Suraj Handithavalli Purushothama, Ashwin Kannan Iyengar

Cut-Cost Cutlery; Collin Hartman, Jacqueline Johnson

 (Instructors: A. Emrah Bayrak, Alexander Burnap, Namwoo Kang)

Topology Optimization of Micro-mirror Actuator; Geetha Krishna, Mayur Birla

Maximization of the Profit of Airlines Using Boeing 747-8; Dazhi Wang, Lei Sun, Jingyu Zhu

Logistics Cost Optimization of Courier Service Distribution Center; Linyu Li, Chun Wang

Optimization of an Electric Bicycle; Isobel Kraft, Damiete Samuel-Horsfall

Optimization of Ankle-Foot Orthosis; Aliya Jawad, Ketut Putra

Optimization of Snake Robot Performance; Fan Dong, Yixin Zhao

Optimization of Electricity Generation and Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network; Arianne Collopy, Tae Lim

Throughput and Strength Optimization for Fused Deposition Modeling of Ankle-Foot Orthotics; Robert Chisena, Dian-Ru Li

Optimzing Hawaii’s Electricity Grid; Nicole Ryan, Robert Meyer

Solar Car Optimization; Jiahong Min, Florian Jule, Ning Liu

Optimization of a Linear Delta Robot; Jaehong Lee, Hyunwoo Park

Optimization of Emergency Rescue Facility Locations for Environmental Accidents; Tiachen Qiu, Ziyan Zhang

Optimization of a Two-link Robotic Manipulator; Zachary Renwick, Yalim Yildirim

Quadcopter Design Optimization; Daniel Bertoni, Jayden Stewart, Weiyau Tee

Optimization of Parallel Braking System; Anqi Sun, Luqin Sun

Optimization of Rear Wing Mounting bracket for M-Racing; Guangyu Shen, Chen Wang, Yanhao Zhu

 (Instructors: Yi Ren)

Optimization of ribbed helicopter panel design(R. Campbell, J. Dwight, G. Hutchins, N. Kemme)

Optimisation of fuel in hybrid electric vehicle(M. Alzorgan, D. Madisetty)


Optimization of an aircraft wing(J. Maneth, B. Wainwright, P. Harper)


Design optimisation of vehicle components for full frontal crash(P. Sharma, R. Telikicherla, S. Nizampatnam, V. Parthasarathy)

Performance optimization of the suspension system of an off-road vehicle(A. Borude, G. Kankriya, S. Singh, V. Manka)

Design optimization of brake disc geometry(A. Durgude, A. Vipradas, S. Kishore, S. Nimse)

Optimization of advanced mechanical leg structures(N. Cahill, P. Wei, H. Yao, H. Bagheri, M, Naso)

Design optimization of a shell and tube heat exchanger(H. Kumar, P. Nagaraj, R. Uday)

Structural optimization of SAE BAJA car frame(A. Murkute, A. Marathe, I. Rodrigues, K. Ramagiri, K. Kabilan

 (Instructors: Yi Ren)

Optimizing the fuel efficiency of a hybrid electric bus(J. Verghese, K. Shah, G. Menon, S. Krishnan)

Mission to Mars(T. Slawson, J. Lynch, A. Maranon, M. Catlett)

Power plant optimization(C. North, L. Saline, T. Sexton)

Optimization of flywheel based energy recovery system (flybrid)(N. Bollapragada, V. Chandrasekhar, V. Sanjai, M. Hejazi)

Optimization of pallet packaging space and a robotic SCARA manipulator for package stacking(P. Jethani, E. Neuperger, S. Kodgi, Z. Damania

Racetrack optimization(F. Gadau, L. Jaramillo, M. Lin, B. Thompson)

Optimal design of clutch friction pad(V. Muralikrishna, A. Venkiteswaran, V. Subramoniam)

 (Instructors: A. Emrah Bayrak, Alexander Burnap, Namwoo Kang)

AquaTow Powertrain Optimization; Tony Franklin, David Moore, Jong Min Park

Optimization of a Health Monitoring System with Piezoelectric Sensor; Daniel Slavin, Steve Hwang

The Holy Rail; Kelly Tepper, Suffian Hamzah, Pradhyuma Ramesh

Chassis Manufacturing Line Optimization; Wenran Chen, Jiasheng Ding, Xinran Shi, Peilun Xie

Optimization of a Wireless Charging Hybrid Electric Bus Fleet; Yanxin Pan, Zicheng Bi, Jifan Chen, Xingyu Li

Maximizing Fuel Economy of Power-split Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Shubam Khadria, Shounak Bapat, Pradeep Kodali, Vijay Kumar Singla

Optimization of Bumper System for regulatory Performance and Cost Minimization; Matt Schmidt, Stephanie Singer

Maximization of an Airline’s Profit; Wei Jin Bong, Liwen Lee, Justin Tompkins

Performance and Operations Optimization of a Shared Autonomous EV Fleet; Huckleberry Febbo, Tajjeev Nadarajan, Aseem Patil

Optimal Design of a Power-split HEV for Fuel Economy; Jiacheng Huang, Xiao Liu

Optimal Design of Wheel Specification; Wei-Han Chen, Su-Yang Shieh, Fu-Kang Liao

 (Instructor: Yi Ren)

Design Optimization of University of Michigan Supermileage Carbon Fiber Monocoque; Karan Jain

Optimizing Bus Stop Distribution In a Certain Area; Ping Zhang

Design Optimization of 6-speed Transmission Gear Ratios; Bo Wang

Combining Battery and Ultracapacitor in Parallel to Increase the Overall Range of a Pure Electric Vehicle; Swetha Viswanatha

Optimization of a stem cell culture system – from the perspective of minimizing medium consumption; Jianming Sang

Optimization in the Allocation of Aluminum Components on Heat Treatment Furnaces; Abelardo Salinas

Optimization of the Energy Consumption and Performance on Spacecraft Landing; Naoaki Saeki (no public access)

Variable Vane Kinematic Optimization; William Pratt (no public access)

Optimization of the Hypertension Screening Device for Pregnant Women in Low-Resource Settings; Doga Kumusoglu

Optimization of a Two Link Manipulator in an Industrial Setting; Cameron Moore

Bus Stop Selection and Routing Problem; Jiexun Li

Design Optimization of Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Plant; Gaurav Gosain

Optimization of Solar Powered Dish Stirling Engine for Maximum Efficiency; Avijit Gopalakrishnan


Optimization in Bridge Structure; Albert Fu (no public access)


Design Optimization of Piston Compression System; Kang-Hsien Fan (no public access)

Catapult Optimization; Andrea Collier

Design Optimization of the Wind Power Generator; Chun-Ping Chueh

Offshore Wind Farm Location Optimization in Lake Michigan; Amy Chiang

Design Optimization of Custom Ankle-Foot Orthosis for Additive Manufacturing; Lei Chen

Optimization of Milling Parameters while Maximizing Productivity; Kai Chen

Design Optimization of a Liquid Cooled Battery Bank for Electric Vehicles; Sanketh Buggaveeti

Optimization of a Modified Compaction Press; Ayinde Samuel

Design Optimization of a Closed-Loop MEMS Accelerometer; Raghav Paul

Optimal Wind Power Portfolio Allocation to Decrease Wind Variability System Impacts; Josh Novacheck

Warehouse Design Optimization; Andres Manzano

Optimizing the Mass of Expansion Joints Used in Thermal Power Plants; Abhishek Goyal

Optimal Employee and Furniture Configuration in a Coffee Shop; Michael Erickson


Optimization of a Water Supply Network; Eric Reinhart, Huanyi Shui and Vimal Mathew

Interstate Container Ship Optimization; Jason Strickland, Katharine Woods, Thomas Devine and Yan Liu

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design Endurance Optimization for Surveillance Missions; Britton Bush, Jonathon Gold and Erik Hand

Optimal Design of Inter-city Railway Vehicle; Huan Fu, Zhong Ren and Yuqing Zhou

Optimization of Structural Members Subject to Crashworthiness; Ali Attari and Archana Sridhar

Optimization of the Home Brewing Process; Clover Aguayo, Ibrahim Mohedas and Ryan Riddick

Design Optimization of Mechatronic Feed Drive System; Chan-Rong Lin, Chin-Wei Chang and Yung-Hao Kung

Minimizing Non-Renewable Energy Use in a University Classroom; Joe Colett, Wansoo Pak and Sundeep Ramachandran

 (Instructor: Michael Kokkolaras)

Optimal Design and Operation of a boosted HCCI Engine System; Prasad Shingne and Vassilis Triantopoulos

Optimization of a Boosted, Inter-cooled HCCI Engine for Improved Load Range Operation; Arvind Sivakumaran, Joshly Varghese and Karthik Ravishankar

The Design and Manufacturing Processes Opimization of a Car’s B-pillars; Zheng Shen, Liang Xi, Ying Luo and Yue Jian

Optimal Design of Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Fuel Economy; Archit Rastogi, Mingxuan Zhang, Pulkit Agrawal and Vasu Goel

Opimization of A-arm Suspension and Steering System; Rohit Jain, Shrikant Mandapaka and Danvir Singh Sethi

Design of a High-solids Anaerobic Digester for Minimized Cost and Life-cycle Energy; Stephen Chaves, Nathan MacPherson, Nolan Orfield and Syed Talha Wasif

Optimization of a McDonald’s Restaurant; X. Gu, H. Kuang, C. Spangler and X. Zhang

Opimization of Road Bicycle for Material Cost; Srinivas Karthik, Kunal Javali, Martin Perrin and Saumil Wagle

Opimization of a Powered Ankle-foot Orthotic Device for Rehabilitation Purposes; Lihang Nong and Lisa Perez


Design Optimization of A Hydraulic Hybrid Power-Split Heavy Duty Vehicle; Jong Jin Park, Ingyu Lim and Jihyun Lee

An Efficient and Cost-Saving House:Optimal Investment Strategy for Improved Residential Energy Usage; Matthew Brusnahan, Katie Caruso, Sunmin Kim and Patty Liao

Optimal Design of Electric Bicycle; Yangbing Lou, Yuan Chang, Rongtao Jia and Hao Tan

Optimization of Sustainable Bus; Bosuk Han and Youngwoo Kim

Optimization of SI Internal Combustion Engine for Fuel Economy; Vaibhav Jaguste, Björn Anderson, Anjan Kumar Krishnan and Akshay Aggarwal

Optimization of a Crossbow; Ankit Dhingra, Lisa Rogers, Szymon Sambor and Nishant Shrivastava

Profit Maximization Aircraft Design; Yu-Hung Ho, Chun-Min Ho, Chun-Shiang Lin and Shih-Kang Peng

Optimal Design of an RC Aircraft for Payload-Bearing Missions; Rakesh Jayakumar, Jianxin Li, Mohit Mehendale and David Moiseev

Optimization of a Power Split HCCI and Hydraulic Hybrid for Maximum Fuel Efficiency; Peter Attema, Phillip Bonkoski and Chang-ping Lee

Optimization of a Soccer Stadium; Ajay Patel, Hylus Raj, Payam Mirshams and Faisal Shaikh

Optimization of Combustion & Mechanical Design of A Non-Sinusoidal Piston Path Turbocharged HCCI Engine; Eric Bumbalough, Karthik Sankar Ram, Chinmaya Mittal and Anirudh Agrawal

Optimal Design of Wheelchair Drive Mechanism; Perwez Akhtar, Karthik Reddy Kothakota, Vishwesh Nampurkar and Clare McNamara

Optimal Design of A Flexible Formula 1™ Wing; Adam Vaughan, Sriram Narayanan and Varjavan Dastoor

 (Instructor: Michael Kokkolaras)

Grid Interaction of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Optimizing GHG Emissions and Cost of Electricity Generation Due to PHEV Fleet Infiltration; Jason MacDonald, Laura Manofsky and Sarang Supekar

Optimal Design of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle; Shari Hannapel, Bjoern Ritter, Nick Stowe and Jeff Walls

Design Optimization Study on a Containership Propulsion System; Brian Cuneo, Thomas McKenney and Morgan Parker

Optimal Design of a 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator; Huai-Ning Chang, Suhant Prajwal Reddy Ranga and Yu-Jen Wang

Optimal Design of a Residential Wind Turbine; Kurt Cunningham, Kevin Schaefer, and Manan Thakkar

Optimal Design of a Segway; Vijay Manikandan Janakiraman, Taylor Tappe, Hao Pan and Saradhi Rengarajan

Optimal Seat Design for an Enriched Driving Experience; Raghavendra Chivukula and Balaji Ramanathan

Optimal Design of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System; Ahmad Almuhtady and Mohit Sood

Optimization of an Artificial Heart; Abdulrahman Aref, Tomohiro Horibe, Jennifer Mann and Anna-Luisa Uhlitz

Optimization of a Novel Surgical Device for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy; Christian Heinrich and Darragh Buckley

The Optimization of a 1/4 Scaled Remote Control Hybrid Vehicle; Boyun Wang and Jixin Chen

River Boat Vulnerability Optimization; Fredy Misael Zarate Patarroyo, John P. Kim and Shiladitya Sen


Optimization of an External Fuel Tank of a Space Shuttle; Raghunath Sai Katragadda, Padmaja and Sophia Guntupalli

Design Optimization Study on an Ultrafast Smart (SMA Resettable) Latch; Shishira Nagesh and Won Hee Kim

Optimal Design of an Extended Range Electric Vehicle; Michael Diaz and Timothy Stutz

Optimal Design of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Carol Girata, Rakesh Patil and Michael Woon

Optimal Design of a Throwing Robot; Robert Brown, Hai Nguyen and Nathaniel Skinner

Lean Manufacturing System Design – Table Manufacturing Line Optimization; Kang-Ching Chu, Tejkaran Singh G, Xinran Liang and Eric Park

Optimal Design of an Electric Bicycle; Piyush Soni and Sha Li

Optimization of a 2-Stroke HCCI Engine Power Generating System; Anne Marie Lewis, Srinath Gopinath and Kyoung Hyun Kwak

Optimal Design of an Affordable Energy Efficient Home; Robb De Kleine, Prachi Jain and Teresa Franklin

Optimal Design of a Flying Car; Joshua Bishop-Moser, Jihun Kim, Sungmin Lee and Shreyank Muralidhara

Wind Turbine Optimization; Vineet Hingwe, Michael Manolidis, Anirudh RR and Paul Russell

 (Instructor: Michael Kokkolaras)

Rotordynamic Design Optimization of a Steam Turbine Rotor Bearing System; Udayraj Somashekar and Ramzi Bazzi

Optimal Design of a Rowing Shell and its Riggers; Brent Utter, Robin Madsen and Rohit Bhapkar

Optimization of a Vehicle’s Frontal Structure; Paul Davidson, Guang Dong, Steven Hoffenson and Yi Ren

An Optimally Energy Efficient Biped; Joel Forman, John Rebula and Andrew Sloboda

Compliant Suspension Design Optimization; Girish Krishnan, Karan Goyal, Mukund Nemali and Rohan Singh

Solar Car System Optimization; Chiao-Ting Li, Yogita Pai and Zhenzhong Jia

Optimal Design of Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Shifang Li, Prasad Challa, Rajit Johri and Girish Chandra

Optimal Design of Multi-Plate Clutch System; Abhijit Khare and Adrien Yee

Optimal Design for Disk Brake System; Li-Jung Tai, Po-Chi Wu, Hung-Cheng Lai and Wei-Jer Tsai

Optimal design of closely spaced skyscrapers; Karthik .M .R and Vineet Raichur


Optimization of Hair Beauty in African-American Women; Michael Alexander, Tahira Reid and Harshit Sarin

Optimal Automotive Design in Response to Environmental Policies; Katie Kerfoot, Esra Suel and Monica Toma

Plant/Control Optimization of a PEM Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle to Grid (V2G) System; Dongsuk Kum and Scott Moura

Optimization of End Mill and Operation Parameters for 3D Slot Milling; Hsin-Yu Kuo, Jonathan Loss and Joseph John Piazza

The Product Design Optimization of Market Sales, Environmental Cost Impact, and Battery Life of a Cellular Phone; Michele Goe, Ye Eun Park and Seung Cheol Yang

Backhoe Optimization; Rahul Sangole, Fernando Tavares and Diane Peters

A Home from Sun and Wind; Ellie Nick, Akshay Pawar and Pat Trizila

Optimal Design of an Ocean Energy VIVACE Converter; Tae Jin Kim, Nikhil Bolar and Dimitrios E. Maroulis

Design Optimization of a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope; Anupam S. Garge and Kwang Jae Lee


Optimization of Vehicle Subsystems to Minimize Roll Effect; Aditya Inamdar, Aneesh Padalkar, Akshay Bichkar and Aditya Rajderkar

Optimization strategies for the mechanical and control design of DC motor; Gayathri Seenumani, Rajeev Verma and Hsin-Hsiang Yang

Optimization of the Roomba Vacuum; Donhoon Lee and Marc Zawislak

Optimization of Damage Control Equipment within an Engine Room Onboard a Medium Sized Patrol Ship; Ben Anderson, Kurt Sacks and Rob Mohr

Optimal Investment Portfolio Design; Chelsea May and Richard Niedzwiecki

Is the Soda Can Optimized?; Taekyung Lee, Heesuk Kang, Jungkap Park and Taemin Earmme

Optimizing the Energy-Saving Investments for a Residential House; Sung Kwon Jung and Hongwei Jia

Optimization of Four Speed Conventional Automatic Transmission for Reduction in Diesel Engine Particulate Emissions of a HMMWV; Rahul Ahlawat, Julien Meaud and Ubaid Rehman

Optimization of the Environmental Controls in an Aquarium Habitat; Tanna Alford and Roshan Joseph


Optimization of Design and Lathe Manufacturing Processes for an Oil Pump Cover and Shaft; Chris Cadotte, Daniel Ketchum, Dragan Maric and Eric Stahmer

Optimization of a Computer Mouse; Pranav Kumar, Sharath Kumar, Jeremy Mayer and Aakash Patel

GO-KART Optimization; Amit Jain, Carlos Sierra, Tom Tarnacki and Hans

Design Optimization for Building Entryway; YoungJae Kim, Sehyun Chang, Byungsik Lee and Il Yeo

Thermally Efficient House; Brian Barnes, Bhumika Lathia, Anupam Pathak and Joshua Ravich

Parametric Design Optimization of a Double Hull U.S. Coastal Product Tanker; Michael Cilenti, Daniel Cost and Caner Sarioglu

Optimization of a Diesel Engine Exaust System Considering Performance and Manufacturing; April Bryan, Bart Frischknecht, Kevin Gady and Xiaowei Zhu

Three Parallel Engines Hybrid Vehicle; Yuzo Konishi, Abigail R. Mechtenberg and Alix Tchana Tchana

Optimization of a Single Cylinder Water Filter; Yu-Chun Lin and Mu-Yun Huo

Design and Control Optimization of a PEM Fuel Cell; Vasilis Tsourapas and Amey Karnik


Submarine hullform optimization; Oscar Tascon and Steven Zalek

Optimal Mountain Bike Design; Michael Cherry, Jarod Kelly and John Redmond

The Optimal Wine – A Study in Design Optimization; Alexis Lubesky, Erin MacDonald and Bryon Sohns

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Heavy-Lift Helicopter Rotor in Hover; Talha Kidwai, Smith Thepvongs and Robert Wohlgemuth

Optimal Design of a Catalyst and Controller for a Portable Electric Generator; Chatanya Sampara and Ed Tate

Optimization of an HEV for Handling, Fuel Economy, Performance, and Packaging Considerations; James Allison, Chino Imediegwu, Nick Magnuski, Eric Rask and Dushyant Wadivkar

PCB chip location optimization; Seung Hwean Keum, Young Seok Oh, Keychun Park and Jeongwoo Han

Optimization Design of a Single-Span Spliced Prestressed Concrete Highway Bridge; Jiulong Sun andPimpida (Grace) Surakomol

Professor Papalambros was on sabbatical leave during 2003 and no student projects were conducted that year.
Target cascading for truck design under financial and technical specifications; Adam Cooper, Rachel Dooley, Vasilios Hamosfakidis and Patrick Kostun
Vehicle optimization for comfort and safety; Karim Hamza, Juan Reyes-Luna and Ilkin Hossoy
Optimal portfolio valuation for hybrid trucks by means of control strategy and component design coordination; Bin Wu, Zhijun Li, Shan Li and Jingxu He
Optimal design of a Trebuchet; Talha Kidwai, Steven Swisher and Jon Kadish
Manufacturing error minimization for milling operations; Selin Kurnaz, Mustafa Gunduz and Naesung Lyu
Vehicle powertrain optimization including automatic transmission; Pradeep Attibele, Dirk Krause, Aaron Hula and Kamalesh Alladi
Dynamic InWeighter optimization; Astmundur Nielsson, Gudmundur Olafsson and Tanakorn Tantanawat
Camless drivetrain; Ron Grover, James Alexander, Alan Fung and Ali Hashmi
Suspension design; Youngwon Hahn and Seungjoo Lee
Optimization of membrane filtration system for metal working fluid; Gerardo Oviedo Toral, Kuei-Yuan Chan (Miles) and Thanikarn Sumsuwan (Bao)
Optimization of an inertial grade micro-accelerometer; Sung-Joon Hwang, Alexis Perez-Duarte and Brian Trease
Automotive hydraulic disc brake system optimization; Yaniv Rock, Lara Sherefkin and Nolan Thompson
Parameter optimization of electromagnic bodies: FSS elements and patch antennas; Eng Swee Siah and Taesik Yang
HEV optimization; Ganesh Balasubramanian, Berrin Daran, Sambasivan Subramanian and Cetin Yilmaz
SUV powertrain optimization; Jeremy L. Cavagnolo, James S. Dunn, Bart M. Johnson and Jim L. Vendlinski
Optimization of a capacity planned model for semi-conductor manufacturing with re-entrant characteristics; Arup Chatterji, Li Tang and ChoonHun William Lim
Optimal design of product platforms; Onur Cetin, Supat Ieamsupapong and Emre Kazancioglu
CVT design for optimim performance; James W. Howell, Jr., Bumho Choi, Taeyong Kim and John E. Harder III
Optimal vehicle styling; Nazmi Cem Dincer, Jeong Yuseok and Xuemei Xin
Dimensional and structural optimization of a jetfighter speed brake; Hee Won Ro and Uiwon Jung
Conceptural design of tension leg platform; Libin Miao and Bonhyung Koo
Optimal driving strategy for a solar electric vehicle; Jason Kramb and Andy Sievers
Optimal wind power generation using a flyball-governed continuously variable transmission; Geoff Rideout and Hosam K. Fathy
Robust optimization of linear micro vibromotor for micro assembly; Rajagopal V. Sevilimedu and Srinivas Bhashyam
Wind turbine design optimization; Jonathan Weinert and Dhruv Acharya
Single use accelerometer; Mike Cole and Harshad Natu
Optimal apartment layout design; Ruchi Choudhary nad Jeremy Michalek
Optimization in platform design for hydraulic vane motors; Byungwoo Lee and Meng-Huang Lu
Design optimization of the rotors of a one-man compact helicopter; Tomas Diaz
Parameter optimization for drilling on steel; Yunnshing Ong and Zimin Yang
Development and evaluation of a nonlinear optimization model to support the calibration process of an SI engine; Sergio Quelhas and Edward Himes
Photon: a four-place business jet; Alex Ruop and Aaron Binns
Optimize the micromechanical cantilever for data storage; Cheng-Yu Lin and Seiwoong Oh
Design optimization of heave lifting crane barge system; Zhidong Zhang
Determination of the optimal hybrid-electric vehicle configuration; John Whitehead and Jarrod Beglinger
Optimal design of a force-multiplication device for resonant accelerometers; Michael Farina and Brian Jensen
Design optimization of a helicopter rotor wing; Rafael Mora and Matthew Potoff
Determination of the optimum part orientation in layered manufacturing; Ozge Gurgur and Bahadir Pakis
Optimal design of a gearbox for a benchtop milling machine; Cem Baydur and Polat Sendur
Optimal stiffener configuration for the cross bride of a high speed catamaran; Jeff Emch and Michael Allen
Optimal preliminary design of a trans-pacific containership; Tomoki Ichikawa and Vincent J. Skwarek
Optimization of a tool tip servo for boring bars; George O’Neal and Liang-kuang Chen
Optimization for heat dissipation of vehicle braking system; Hsun-Hau Huang and Kerr-Jia Lu
Optimal design of an amusement park “octupus” arm and hand design; Sungtae Hong and Wonjoo Roh
Optimization of a caliper disc brake; Dan Gress and Ashish Lahoti
Optimization of a composite golf club shaft; Simon Palko and Nathaniel Stott
Optimal design of a 4-bar compliant mechanism for an automotive rear-view mirror; Janghyuk Pyon and Ryan Proctor
Optimization of a pneumatic lifting device; Christopher Kondongiani and Edwin Ryan
Hot tub cover spring optimization; Jaime Camelio and Eden Weston
Optimization study of a hybrid electric vehicle: a dynamic approach; Gil Abramovich and Panayiotis Georgiopoulos
Optimal design of a friction disc brake for an automotive application; Gullu Kiziltas and Ali Yigit Ungoren
Optimal design of a motorcycle shock absorber; Christopher Milkie
Transmission case design optimization for face mill manufacturing process; Carl M. Romack
Design optimization of an earth-orbiting synthetic aperture radar mapper; Samir Malpathak and Robert Webbink
Design optimization of a three-dimensional force-feedback device; Justin King and Vikas Sinha
Specific work maximization for a c-block piezoelectric actuator; Joe Clement and Brian Rood
Conceptual design of tension legs for an offshore platform; Jirasak Jariyakosol
Design optimization of a telescoping piezoelectric linear actuator; Paul Alexander and Neal Berner
Stability optimization of an automobile brake; Kazuaki Chiku and Hui Wang
Design optimization of a truck suspension lower control arm; Kien Lam and Ajay Sharma
Optimization of a DC motor and its controller; Malih Cakmakci and Jeff Ahrens
Optimization of an axial piston pump; Muzaffer Senoguz and Youji Ma
Optimization of a single-pass turning process; Yuan-hung Ma and Yi-feng Tsai
Mass optimization of a window lift mechanism; Jennifer Degazio and John Dockstader
Design of parking brake in the vacuum-assisted hydraulic brake system; Hyung Min Kim
Design and Optimization of a Waste Disposal System; Ryan Fellini and Nnaemeka Nwosu
Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Project: Optimal Component Selection and Sizing; Michael Sasena
Design Optimization of a Diesel Engine; Christopher Scheffer
Orbital pump project; Nathan Batts and Jose Pastor
Thermal efficiency optimization of a six cylinder diesel engine; Osvaldo Corona and Caleo Tsai
Design optimization of a naturally aspirated diesel engine; George Delagrammatikas
Crankshaft design optimization: minimizing engine (crankshaft journal) friction and minimizing crankshaft mass; Michael DeJack and Suzanne Nagrant
Damage tolerance design of a micro-electronic packaging; Yuhai Mei and Linda Huang
Design optimization of automotive suspension systems; Jinyong Joo and Shinji Nishiwaki
Torsion bar design; Hon Joon Chung and Luis G. Buitrago
Residential solar heating system optimization; Jeff Donovan and Tim Fisk
Optimization of training protocols for freestyle swimming; Glen W. Chung and Alexander C. Kazerooni
Rear rail optmization; Edwin Jones and Philip Voglewede
40 km bicycle time trial: race strategy and bicycle design optmization; Jim Kline and Keith Wood
Valve timing optimization project; Mike Olree and Mike Staniszewski
Optimization of a paraboloid solar collector for maximizing work rate to mass; Michael W. Cowden
Cost optimization of single point turning operations; Nick Rallis, Stephen Meyer and Jaime McPherson
Design optimization of simple hydraulic press; Somkiat Kittichaikulkij
Optimization of a 5 DOF passive suspension system; Ravichandra Seelamsetty
Mono-ski design optimization; Amy Hansen
Truss optimization; Greg Gooch and Marc Milobin
Optimization design: minimization of an automobile shock tower volume; Tamar Liebermann and Muhammud Abbas
Optimal design of a box-section girder an overhead crane; Daniel B. McGowan
Optimization of an automotive starter force requirement and solenoid size; Maria D. Boham
The optimization of braking efficiency for pickup trucks; Wei-Shang Ku and Meng-Shiuan Wu
Optimization of a hydraulic noise suppressor for commercial aircraft; Tim Mulligan
Optimization of an automotive disc brake rotor; Sally Chang and Mark R. Hoffmann
Course specific optimization of bicycle gearing; Eric Brown and Vijay Kumra
Design of a submerged-pipe bundle slurry cooler optimized for minimum pressure drop, minimum pipe number, and minimum working fluid mass flow; Kent A. Pickett
Optimal design of an elliptical cross section valve spring with a varying spring constant; Bruce Williams and Ragnar Sverisson
Maximizing engine torque: applying optimization techniques to an engine simulation code; Ron Johnson and Michael Stenman
Minimizing power consumption of an HEV cooling system; Jason Schatzle and John Stanavich
Centrifugal valve optimization study; Kenneth B. Austin
Optimization of a human powered drag race; Adrian Adamson and Mark Fischer
Optimization of a tuned expansion chamber for a two-stroke engine; Kevin Ladd and Cynthia Rice
Size and shape optimization – with application to a compressor reed valve; Glenn C. Griner
Airport capacity optimization; D. Stockman and T. Palmer
Optimal propeller design for given hull and speed; Richard Akers
Optimization of single stage bevel gear engine-to-rotor helicopter transmission; Nicole Breniser and Patrick Callery
Optimization of Toroidal Traction Drive Continuously Variable Transmission; Edwin Jacox and Anne Marsan
Optimization of automotive geometry to minimize required driving force; Mushtaq Ahmad and Brian Perry
Optimal design of elastic sandwich beams; Arnold Lumsdaine
Mass optimization of a spark ignition engine piston; Bob Crespi and Joe Marshalek
Optimization of a chain drive system for an overhead cam engine; George Bernwanger and Somkiat Masunthasuwun
Optimal door fitting in automobile manufacturing; Ted Messerly and Davoud Khorzad
Optimal Design of a Centrifugal Pump Impeller with Casing; Ramprasad S. Krishnamachari
Optimization of dual beam laser welding system; Yu-Ning Liu and Tien-Ching Chen
A serial production line with quality control performance measure optimization; Cheryl L. Ryans
Optimization of vehicle performance; Jason Provancher and Don McWilliam
Minimizing power consumption in an ER shock absorber; James D. Ervin and Chris Norman
Optimization study of a single engine business jet; Michael Hailye and Vasanth Suratkal
Optimal block design of a 3.0 liter V6 automobile engine; Nick Nagrant and Randall Scheps
Optimal balancing of robotic manipulator using counterweights; Hung-Kuei Chen and Gary Ng
Optimization of a machine tool gearbox; Prashant Kulkarni and Tim Athan
Dimensional optimization of a civil transport aircraft; Loucas Louca and Scott Corrington
Optimization of a ceramic honeycomb heat exchanger; Todd Crompton
Optimal design of an overhead crane runway girder; Stephen D. Ambo and Donald E. Whitacre
Flywheel optimization project; Sigurd A. Nelson II and Charles E. Freese V
Optimization of duct system design; Arvind Singhal and Dilip Dubey
Professor Papalambros was on sabbatical leave during 1991 and 1992 and no student projects were conducted that year.
Optimal Design of a Clamp Load Transducer for Pressure Distribution Resolution; T. Miglio, B. Warden.
Optimal Design of an Industrial Duct System; A. J. Sajdak, I. Soni.
Optimization of an Alenax Bicycle Crank Arm; T. A. Bertcher, B. W. Macks.
Design Optimization of a Drive-Screw Linear Actuator; B. A. Alexander, B. J. Rycenga.
Optimization of Machine-Tool Spindle; Y. L. Chen, H. H. Kuo.
Optimal Design of a Dynamic Vibration Absorber for a Cantilever Beam; L. A. Stanton, A.T. Chen.
Optimization of a Bumper System; D. E. Mayer, D. E. Malen.
Optimization of a Power Screw Car Jack; S. E. Kuiken, T. M. Sharda.
Design Optimization of a Convergent Nozzle; K. W. O’Keefe, J. A. Norman.
Shaft Assembly for Buffing Operations; D. A. Bell, J. L. Borodkin.
Tubular Stabilizer Bar Optimization; B. K. Beard, L. Lenox.
Applications of Shape Optimization in Structures; W. P. Lee, H. C. Gea.
Racing Car Disk Brake Weight Optimization; J. Beranek, R. Bolt.
Hydraulic Engine Mount Optimization; J. Hicks, R. Sroka.
Design Optimization of a Kinematically Redundant Robot Arm; R. Hart, J. Morgan. (no public access)
An Optimization Study of a Finned Heat Exchanger in an Orbiting Space Station; R. J. Weber, T. Hollister.
Design Optimization of Steering Column Support; T. Laske, C. Larner.
Optimization of Valve Trains; W. S. Choi, J. Levin.
Optimal Design of VCR Head Drive; S. H. Lee, J. K. Lee
Optimal Design of Gear Pump; S. G. Lee, B. T. Lin.
Gear Ratio Optimization to Minimize Quarter-Mile Acceleration Time; R. S. Kalnas, J. D. Fehring.
Applications of Structural Optimization; Y. K. Park.
Optimization study: tripot universal joint housing, balls and needles; S. Glaser and P. Stenglein
Mixed-discrete nonlinear programming: a cost optimization example; Roy Johanson
Further work on optimization of a ship’s bottom structure from the standpoint of minimized production cost; William Krol
Mixed-discrete optimization of independent vehicle suspension with control arms; Chihsiung Lo
Optimization of a drive axle seal convolute; Robin Milavec and Jean Botti
Tripot joint spider optimization; Jon N. Miller
The optimal design of a rotary type actuator for magnetic disk drives; Robert Voss and Mike Waldrop
Cost Optimization of Liquid Fuel Rockets; Roy Johanson
Optimal Design of Telescoped Cantilevered Crane Boom; Jianhong Zhang and Akira Tezuka
Optimization of the Wire Drawing Process; Roshan B Gudapati and Mark D. Salisbury
Optimization Study of a Finned Tube Heat Exchanger; Dale Vanderlaan and Gary Vaandrager
Optimal Design of Girders for Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes; Peter S Szpak
Airfoil Design Optimization; Julio E. Santos
Optimal Design of a Robotic Manipulator for Maximum Manipulability; Scott Furry and Kent Piland
Improvement of Docking Tool Design Using Optimization Techniques; Bill Haering and Leonard Pomrehn
Optimization of a Turning Operation; Richard Furness and Engelbert Lu
Bicycle Rim Optimization Study; Tim Chi and Chuck Ford
Optimization of a Roller Bearing and Torsion Shaft Assembly; Albert Ekladyous and Varinder Sooch
Optimization Study of a Pneumatic Impact Absorber; B. Harris and L.H. Seng
Ship Bottom Structure Cost Optimization; William Kroll
Optimization of an unsupercharged spark ignition engine; Terrance Wagner and Robert Sels
Hollow camshaft: volume optimization study; John Garcia and Dick Boerema
Cost Optimization of Turning Process; V. Girindar and K. Wisnu
Optimization Model of a High Speed Geneva Mechanism; James Kleiber and Irina Rakin
Optimum Design of A Double Reduction Gear Set Incorporating Surface Temperature; Nidal Abi-Mosleh and Riadh Bouzaiene
Insulation Optimization for an Underground Container; Peter E. Fitton
Optimal Design of a Passenger Elevator Using Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis; Eric Fereshetian and Mark Hoekwater
Optimum Design of Uniform and Nonuniform Disk Springs; S.W. Wang and S.S. Chiang
Design Optimization of an Automotive Radiator; Adam Craft and Chip DeGrace
Optimization of a Progressive Rate Conical Spring; James K Leary and Robert E. Meyer
Optimization of Upper Body Work Output for Wheelchair Applications; Khanh D. Bui and Warren S. Jocz
Optimal Design of Hydrofoil Geometry for Cavitation Performance; R.S. Balachander and Benjamin Neumann
Optimization of a Helical Gear Speed Reduction Unit; Mark Mooradian and John Sapp
Design Optimization of a Multi-Speed Gearbox; Mustafa A. Ahmetoglou
Optimization of Independent Vehicle Suspension with Control Arms; C.S. Lo and Eliot Wu
Optimal Design of a Variable Rate Valve Spring for a Detroit Diesel 8.2L Engine; Joe Dekeyrel and Brian Humke
Minimu Power Cold Rolling; R. L. Narayanan and Christopher Thompson
Preliminary Design Optimization of a Cargo Ship; Yee-Weng Low and Bill Hoge
High Speed Vehicle Suspension Design; T.H. Lung and Ceachieeh Yang
Automobile Pillar Section Optimization; Gerald D High
Optimal Design of a Horizontal Pressure Vessel with Two Saddle Sapports; Han-Tong Loh
Design Optimization of a Rack and Pinion Steering Linkage Mechanism; Alok Shekhar and Manoj Srivastava
Camshaft Bearing Optimization; David J. Misch and David P. Hamilton
Optimal Design of a Heat Storage Unit; Viesturs G. Lenns
Optimization of a Disk Drive Actuator; Kevin Miller and Jau-Wen Tseng
Cost Optimization of a Welded Beam Structure; John J. Kim and Chong-Ike Lee
Printer Arm Optimization; Randy C. Keller
Optimizing Power Screw Efficiency; George N. Villec
Optimization of a Chain and Sprocket System for a Track Racing Bicycle; Peter Wurman and Magda Grobner
Optimal Vehicle Suspension Design; J.S. Chen and T.C. Cherng
Optimizing a Brake Rotor for Cooling; Richard A Kaatz
Maximizing the Lateral Force Generating Capacity for a Twin A-Arm Suspension System; Guy Babbit
Suspension Design of a Two Degree of Freedom Vehicle Model Using Jerk and Acceleration; Anchang Liang and Shyhrong Yen
Optimal Design of a Robotic Arm Assembly; Gary Snavely and Andy Micallef
Gasoline Engine Design Considering Minimum Fuel Consumption; Jin-Bok Chung and Yoha Hwang
Professor Papalambros was on sabbatical leave during 1986 and no student projects were conducted that year.
Optimization of a Gas-Solid Catalytic Reactor; Ananth Annapragada
Minimum Height Design of an Aerodynamic Headlamp System; Akira Araki
Optimal Design of a Rocket Combustion Chamber; Ken Chang
Optimum Radiator Design for a Truck Cooling System; Ruoh-Ming Chen
Economic Optimization of a Medium Range Passenger Jet Transport; Kin Cheung
Optimal Airfoil Design for a NACA 6 Section; Robert Heyn
Optimizing a Hot Die Forging Process; Jagannatha Rao
Performance Analysis of a Modified Rolling Piston Rotary Compressor; Dennis J Janda
High Performance Bicycle Rim Optimization Study; Joseph H. Kang
Optimization of a Rolling Mill Basic Energy Requirements-A parametric Study; Koh Kok Hwee
Automobile Exhaust System Mass Minimization; Brian P. McGee
Design Optimization of A heat Recovery System; Franco Mode.
Design Optimization of Tall Vertical Vessels; V. Rajarajan
Optimization of a Dump Truck Steering Performance; Tsuneo Saito
Cogeneration of Electricity and Hot Water for Salmon Farming Using Geothermal Energy; Ingolfur Thorisson
Design Optimization of A Single-Plate Clutch; Khalil M.E. Afjeh
Clutch Assemble Optimization for Easy Driver Operation; Thomas P. Desautels
Design of A Double-Stage Reduction Gearbox for Minimum Size; Ersin Eker
Optimum Sizing and Material Selection for A Power Shaft; Arif Serif Guzelsoy
Optimum Design of A Brake Shoe; Jia-Xiong He
Optimum Piston Design for An IC Engine; Rodney M. Henry
Hydrogen Manufacture Via Steam-Methane Reforming; Christian Jaeger
Preliminary Design of Marine Reduction Gears; Zvi Karni
Optimal Dimensioning of Cones for Pilot Driver and Tibial Components of the INSTACONE Design; Janet Louise Ku
Cost Minimization of Insulated Thermal Distribution Pipe Network Systems; Inaki Laresgoiti
Minimizing the Weight of A Hydrostatic Drive for Use as An Automotive Transmission; Ralph L. Lemar
Optimizing the Human Power Output for Velocity Maximization in Human-Powered Vehicles; Kelly J. Londry
Optimization of A Vehicle Suspension with A Damaged Absorber; Djamel E. Midoun
Optimization of Hot Plate Ovens in the Electronics Industry; Yoshiei Ogawa
Optimization of A Linear Three-Degree of Freedom Shock and Vibration Isolator; Amar Ourchane
Optimal Sizing of Steam Pipe and Insulation In View of Availability; Youngmoo Park
An Optimization Study of A Foot Torgue Analyser; Mark S. Redfern
Numerical Tests of NLP Codes; Luiz F. Simonetti
Planetary Gear Train Optimization; David W. Stephens
Minimum Weight Design of An Overhead Electric Crane; Nikolaos Tzannetakis
Design Optimization of Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger; Amy S. Handmaker
Automated Optimal Design of Two-Dimensional Trusses Subject to Two Buckling Constraints and One Stress Constraint; Andrew B. King
Minimum Cost Criterion as Applied to Mass Production of Engine Cylinder Sleeves; Hung-Yee See
Cost Minimization of A Power Shaft; Jim Desimpel
Optimization of An Existing Needle Bearing Assembly for Maximum L-10 Life; Daniel R. Lymburner
Minimization of the Displacement of An Internal Combustion Engine for A Given Power Output; Simos Anastassopoulos
Minimizing Doubler Weight for A Communication Satellite; Gail C. Bancroft
Design Optimization of A Multiplate Clutch; D. Todd Bentley
Optimal Design of Electric Overhead Crane Girders; Steven L. Glashow
Optimization Study of Caliper Disk Brake; Keith S. Schultz
Design Investigation of the 60o V-6 Flywheel; William W. Vetter
Optimal Design of Large Saddle-Supported Horizontal Pressure Vessel; Ahmad Fauzi Hasan
Optimal Design of A Thermal Distribution System; Mike Granatosky
Windsurfer Mast Design Optimization; Wendy Lorimer
Center Distance Minimization of A Single-Reduction, Single-Enveloping Worm Gear Set; Ibrahim E. Cildir
Optimization Study of Frame-Reinforced, Submersible Circular Cylindrical Shell; Diane M. Shomo
Selection of Optimal Machining Parameters for a Peripheral Milling Process; Mark Jakiela
Optimal Layout for A Twin A-Arm Front Suspension; Jack Bennett
The Optimum Design of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing; David Chiu
Roller Design for Cold-Rolling Mills; Mouzafer Erig
Gear Set Design Optimization; Dennis Hill
Optimal Power Screw Design; Gregory Pietron
Robot Workspace Optimization; Chandresh Shah
A One-Pass Heating Transformer Optimization; Theodore Ioakimidis
Optimization of the Roller Support Position of a Laundry Dryer; Tom Sutter
Weight Minimization of An Aircraft Wing; Hun Choi
Optimizing the Control of Ambient Sulfate; Jennie L. Moody
Design Optimization of A Quick Return Mechanism; Michael Banton
Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Design Optimization; Daryl Marinetti
Optimal Angle of Attack for Minimizing the Descent Rate of a Gliding Aircraft; Edward Walsh
Optimization of A Steam Power Plant Regenerative Cycle; Kenneth E. Brock
The Optimal Flow Pattern of Multiple Effect Evaporator System; Chyan-Shena Chu
Optimization Study of the Cost of the First Stage of A Two-Stage Booster Vehicle; Richard D. Stiennon
Optimization of An Underground Heat Exchanger; Jim Randolph
Design Optimization of A Solar-Assisted Hot-Water Heating System for Residential Use; Steve Horwitz
Optimal Design of A Motorcycle Mirror Mount; Timothy J. Dunn
Weight Minimization of A Speed Reducer; Fargan Zafar Shaikh
Optimal Design of A Stylus-Tonearm System; Christofer J. Bickley
Optimal Design of Shrink-Fit Structure; Heng-Long Li
Optimal Design of A Semielliptical Leaf Spring; William F. Weber
Wagner-Lockheed Brake Design Optimization; Min-Ren Jean
Least-Cost Design for A Pumped-Storage Project; Steven Verhoff
On the Optimal Range of Application When Using a Stylus Tracer to Measure Surface Roughness; Cheng-Jih Li
Workspace Optimization of A Six Degree of Freedom Robot Manipulator; Y. Jeng
Optimization of A Turbojet Aircraft Engine; by Scott Lissit
Optimum Design of Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger; Angus Rogers
Optimization of Torque Converter Design; Arvind Mathew
Optimal Strength and Alignment of A Marine Shafting System; Zissimos Mourelatos
Design Optimization for a Variable-Ratio Rack and Pinion Steering Gear; Darrell Kleinke
Optimum Alloy Steel Selection for a Cylindrical Shaft Subjected to Bending and Torsion; Kourosh Danai
Optimum Design of a Corrugated Plate; Stylianos G. Limnios
Weight Minimization in a Quick-Return Mechanism; Mark Miller
Strength Maximization of Symmetric Laminates Subject to In-Plane Loading; Bradley Bond
Optimization of a Steam Power Plant Regenerative Cycle; Jairam Kamath
Parametric Optimization of a Six-Bar Truss; C. Polychronopoulos
Optimum Geartrain Design; Kamran Najmabadi
Optimization of a Dual-Purpose Power Plant; Aslam M. Husain
Minimization of the Maximum Surface Temperature of a Friction Disk Clutch; Shahriar Hedayat
Design Optimization of a Single-Family Dwelling Heating System; Marlene Antonneau
Optimum Design of a Heat Pump Compressor; Hamid Torab
Maximization of Fuel Economy for the SAE Super Mileage Vehicle; Dennis Ogden
Moment Arm Design Optimization for a Fatigue Testing Machine; James Borchelt
Optimum Material Selection for a Power Transmission Shaft; Ahad Mokhtarzadeh
Vehicle Ride Performance Optimization; Xiao-Pei Lu
Cost Minimization of Launch Vehicle Design; Mohammed Akbi
LNG Plant Liquification Rate Optimization; Mohammed Akbi
Weight Minimization of a Punchpress Flywheel; Shapour Azarm
Optimization Using Constrained Derivatives; David Benson
Optimization Of a Solar Hot Water System for Tropical Climates; Dinesh Bhushan
Disk Cam Design for Minimum Volume; Chia-Cheng Chang
Rapid Closure Device Design for Minimum Time; David Clauss
Optimization of Al Regenerative Cycle; Daniel Rice
Spark-Ignited IC Engine Design for Minimum Friction; Edward DeKeip
Optimization of the Slab Milling Process; Te-Yen Huang
An Economic Optimization of the Airship; Thomas Wielenga
Optimal Design of a Stiffened Circular Cylinder for a Remotely-Piloted Vehicle Fuselage; Nagarjuna Vadlamudi
Minimum Cost Design for an Automotive Torsion-Bar Suspension; Kenneth Meloche
Minimizing Specific Fuel Consumption for IC Engines; Thomas Slopsema
Optimal Design of a Tanker A Midship Section Using Monotonicity Analysis; Alejandro Diaz
Optimum Impeller for a Centrifugal Pump; Clement K. Tam
A Model for a Solar Hot Water Heating System Optimization; Jeffrey B. Smith
Optimization of Welding Design and Process; Ranjit Kumar Singh
Plastic Pellet Production Optimization; Mark Lone
Optimum Design of a Multi-Platform Non-Terminal Railroad Station; Marios Kontaratos
Minimization of Operating Cost for a Refrigerated Warehouse; Navroz Daroga
Optimum Preliminary Design of a Commercial Airplane; Theodore Dracopoulos
Parallel Helical Gear Set Optimization; Po-wen Lin
Optimal Design of a Solid Sensible Heat Thermal Energy Recovery Unit; Wilford Unit
Flat-Plate Solar Collector Optimization; Sheldon Tieszen

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