ODE Collab

Optimal Design Collaborative

The Optimal DEsign Collaborative (ODECollab) is a space where instructors using the textbook can share particular materials they have developed for their courses. These can be lecture slides, code, examples, homework problems, videos, clarifications and corrections, etc. Each instructor can post materials with a folder in a Dropbox folder and update a list of contents that shows what materials are available.

Access to the ODECollab is based on a quid-pro-quo basis, meaning that only if you have materials to contribute you can be part of the collaborative. Since all materials are available to all members, access to the site is strictly limited and monitored by the author P. Y. Papalambros. Member instructors can communicate directly with each other regarding the posted materials and use the Dropbox comment tools. All members of the ODECollab are included in an email list that provides updates.

The purpose of the ODECollab is to make the textbook more of a living document and to facilitate instruction of design optimization across the community.

How to join

The ODECollab is available only by invitation to contributing instructors. If you are an instructor using the textbook and you wish to join the ODECollab, please contact Prof. Papalambros directly ([email protected]), describe what you expect to contribute and over what time period, and the relevant course you are teaching.


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